How to start an energy community in your condominium?

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The condominium offers the possibility of experimenting, on a small scale, the advantages offered by the recent regulations on the production, exchange and consumption of energy. In addition to regulatory innovation, technological innovation is added which, through smart devices and artificial intelligence, transforms homes into safer and more efficient places.

Challenge Description

"Think globally, act locally” is not a slogan but an invitation to rethink the role of territoriality in a world increasingly projected towards “globality”. 

The importance of local

Liquid modernity, introduced by Zygmunt Bauman, has led to a loss of spatial and temporal definitions.

The concept of "local" has been emptied of meaning by the instantaneousness and ubiquity of the network.

But if we observe that large-scale agglomerations carry out policies of globalization, it is the citizens who take on the task of finding local solutions to global contradictions. As Bauman affirmed, the community is the starting point to subvert reality and create another one.

The power of community

In communities across the world, people are seeking alternatives to conventional energy sources. Whether they aim to increase energy independence, hedge against rising fuel costs, cut carbon emissions, or provide local jobs, they are looking to community-scale renewable energy projects for solutions. Advances in solar technology, an increase in tax incentives, and creative new financing models have made community solar projects more financially feasible. 

The awareness of technology

With the advent of "smart" technology from the field of ubiquitous computing, further ways of reducing growing levels of domestic energy consumption are now emerging. Smart technology allows homeowners to take control of their energy usage through a variety of smart-home energy-saving strategies. 

The in-depth knowledge of technology means a higher degree of awareness of one's environmental impact and is a guarantee of greater safety, not only of the home environment, but also of the people who live there.

Challenge vision

Therefore, this challenge will be focus on helping citizens to understand how technology can help community users to save and consume energy in a more efficient and intelligent way and how to choose the most suitable interventions, materials and technologies for living in a house with low environmental impact.

How could we help people the benefits that arise from being part of an energy community?

For example, ideas could focus on:

  • How technology can positively affect the improvement of the performance of home devices and how this, consequently, translates into economic savings.
  • The benefits not only economic, but social and cultural that arise from being part of an energy community
  • The exchanges that are activated between people of the same community who adhere to a common economic and social project.
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