Ideathon - The contest

13 Nov 2020 - 13 Nov 2020

Introductory conference

09 Nov 2020 - 09 Nov 2020

In-depth webinars

10 Nov 2020 - 12 Nov 2020

Mobility in the Metropolitan City in the era of Covid-19 and the climate change: from critical issues to sustainable development opportunities

This is the fifth edition of Climathon which takes place in Cagliari, and it is the third time that the Metropolitan City of Cagliari organizes it, in collaboration and with the contribution of the Autonomous Region of Sardinia.

This year's theme is "How to rethink urban landscapes to accompany adaptation to climate change". The theme has beed articulated into two challenges.

Climathon Cagliari 2021 will be divided into two days: the Hackaton, which will take place on October 27 and the award ceremony, which will also host a conference by the well-known climatologist Antonello Pasini on October 29.

The Hackaton will be held online via Zoom, while the award ceremony will take place in the Conference room of the Caesar's Hotel in Cagliari. Both the events will be streamed via the internet.

The best solutions in each challenge will receive a 1.000 euros prize (1).

1) The prizes will be paid to the winners directly by the Metropolitan City of Cagliari. Prizes are subject to withholding tax.

( header photo By cristianocani -, CC BY 2.0, )

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