Air quality crowdsourced data


How to organize a data collection about air quality, involving hundreds of citizens, associations, schools, ...?

The challenge for protecting the environment and improving the quality of the air we breathe will be crucial for the next years.  It is a battle that concerns the health and quality of life of millions of European citizens and, for this reason, mayors and administrators have to accept this challenge. 

With the "Air Break" project, Ferrara intends to embark on an ambitious task alongside its citizens. Because there is no result that can be achieved without participation, enthusiasm and cooperation between administrators and citizens involved.

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Goal of the challenge

100 citizens target

The "Air Break" project plans to reduce PM10 by 20% by 2023 in three specific pilot areas; one of the KPIs of the project is the number of citizens to be involved in the monitoring phase: 500.

The goal of this challenge is to provide a robust plan for engaging the first 100 citizens (also as groups and associations) with a clear communication workplan to be started in early 2021.

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