The Mycron project aims to make a significant change in the collection of data on air pollution by creating a community of attentive and aware people and enhancing the proactive local network on the territory.

The main objective is to be able to share information on pollution by making it accessible to all thanks to an effective and immediate visual language.
It is also intended to sensitize the population about the virtuous practices to be adopted in order to raise awareness on the issue and encourage concrete action.
By stimulating citizen engagement, a long-term change in citizens' daily habits will be achieved and decision-making processes will thus be broadened, thus obtaining significant benefits for everyone's health.
Furthermore, we aim at a capillary connection between the peripheral areas and the more central ones in order to obtain a complete mapping.


Francesca Lociuro, Jacopo Grilli , Mohamad Bey, Ginevra Melazzi, Teresa Mazzanti

Air quality crowdsourced data

How to organize a data collection about air quality, involving hundreds of citizens, associations, schools, ...?
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