Mixed-mode commuting: bike+bus+train

Bici Treno

How to really improve a mixed-mode commuting system in Ferrara, based on bike/e-bike, trains, buses, shuttles, vassels, ...?

Before COVID19 pandemy, 30 thousand people (workers and students) moved from Ferrara province to other areas (Bologna, Padova, Modena) and viceversa 12 thousand people moved from outside.

We need to rethink a set of services and facilities for commuters, from sharing services (bikes, e-bikes, scooters, ...) to shuttles.

We need to improve and make bike parking spaces more safe and attractive, with better and more efficient information for commuters.

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Ferrara by train, bus and bike (AMI, FIAB)

This challenge has been proposed by Agenzia Mobilità Impianti (AMI) and by local chapter of Federazione Italiana Amici della Bicicletta (FIAB).

The objective of this challenge is to find the solutions (technological and process) for an easy and comfortable bike-bus / train modal interchange.
In particular, we would like to find safe and pleasant ways to take the bike to other means and to exchange the bike for other means. At present on urban buses it is generally forbidden to carry bikes, on extra-urban buses if they have a trolley it is sometimes accepted for small quantities; on trains it is sometimes allowed, sometimes not.

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