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Reducing GHG emissions (greenhouse gases) by building energy efficient buildings following a SMART acquisition process.

Improving the procurement process by:

Clear Performance Criteria (SMART): what is required, how to request, how to verify

Economic analysis based on the total cost of the life of the building: sustainability

Market collaboration at all stages (between city hall and builders, designers, technology suppliers, owners/end users)

Better integration in the urban ensemble (green, district nZEB/positive energy, social impact - community)

Increase the level of capacity/qualification for all actors - especially designers and builders (on offer)


Pitch Deck Climathon TEAM4 Public Goes Nzeb

Public goes nZEB

Cluster Pro-nZEB: Triple Helix, tools for nZEB, training, consulting Construction experience Energy evaluator Social services Marketing/communication builders (on offer)

How to improve energy efficiency in buildings?

Energy efficiency is one of the pillars of the European Green Deal. The principle of "energy efficiency first" in European policies is also transposed by EU Directive 31/2010 by which all new or major renovated buildings, starting with 2019, will have to meet nZEB (near zero energy buildings) standards.
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