ECO-LOGIC is an environmental forecasting platform that prevents the incidence of destructive events in flood/landslide -vulnerable areas.

An Open-Source platform to mitigate flood/landslide risks.
Introduce and apply proactive technical practices and solutions on preventing/minimizing the impact of flash floods/landslides in areas affected by this risk factor.Added to this is a platform with technical solutions to mitigate the impact they produce.



Pitch Deck Inundatii


Eco-Logic is an interdisciplinary team with specialists from various domains: Disaster Intervention, IT, Geography, Civil Engineering, GIS, Forest Management

Preventing flash floods - How can we help our territory to adapt to floods in a sustainable way?

The recurrence of flash floods over the past few years has had devastating impacts on Piatra Neamț and its infrastructure. How can we confront natural disasters and make people feel safe where they live?
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