Create climate-resilient Bratislava

Like many cities all over the world, Bratislava must prepare for the consequences of climate change. Proactive citizens can be invaluable resource to make this happen.

There is a need to motivate citizens to take part in the challenge of creating a climate-resilient Bratislava. There is a need to make them engaged and interested in improving their own environment. We need their help to map trees, greenery, benches and amenities so that we can collaboratively enhance the most deprived neighborhoods.

To give an example of a great starting point, it would be extremely useful to create a map of what is already available to our citizens (parks, benches, playgrounds) and what is still sought or would be welcomed. Adding another layer by including sociodemographic data (age, economic structure, income), climate data (heat sensors, risk of flooding), and data about the quality of city life (public transport, waste, CO2 saved) would allow us to understand our city environment as one ecosystem.

Challenge Vision

The key objective in this challenge is finding new solutions for coping with climate change-augmented impacts. It addresses the mitigation of the heat islands, pollution reduction, protection from events such as flash floods, and enhancing readiness as well as resilience to climate change.


Ideas could be based around, but not limited to: 

  • Information and capacity-building 
  • Improve climate resilience based on present and future city vulnerabilities 
  • Utilizing data to mitigate the typical climate stressors 
  • Proper housing and urban planning 
  • Improved urban infrastructure and services 
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