Increase the usage of public transport and green mobility alternatives

Public transport and green mobility are the ways forward to reduce traffic congestion in the city. Innovative solutions are needed to increase efficiency and sustainability of the city transportation system.

With the number of people living in towns and cities increasing, the importance of urban logistics is on the rise. Bratislava as a city is not ready to support such an extensive number of cars and daily commuters from nearby areas and suburbs. Transformation of the public transportation system and green mobility alternatives are the way forward to reduce traffic congestion in the city and mitigate the negative impacts on the climate. Therefore, there is a need for innovative solutions, organizing logistics effectively and efficiently, and urgency to increase the usage of green means of transportation.  

Challenge Vision

This challenge envisions the necessity to rethink the public use of the transportation city capacities, an increase in the quality of life of the city dwellers, the reduction of noise from transportation, etc. Novel innovative solutions are sought to strengthen the interest in public transportation and its alternative ways. 

Ideas could be based around, but not limited to: 

  • Gamification
  • Information and capacity-building 
  • Organizing and supporting the city in improving the quality of life  
  • Utilizing data to better use current city resources and city services 
  • Closing data gaps between the city and its inhabitants 
  • Participation and positive relationship with the city
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