Reduce Water Use by 50%

Water Reduce Water Waste

How can we reduce the use of this precious natural resource?

The global climate crisis is inextricably linked to water. Climate change increases variability in the water cycle, reducing the predictability of water availability, affecting water quality and threatening sustainable development and biodiversity worldwide and locally. 

Overall, Southern European countries are projected to face decreasing water availability. And where the water resource has diminished, a worsening of water quality has normally followed because there is less water to dilute pollutants.

The average temperature has increased and the precipitation patterns have been altered. i.e. Temperature historical data, gathered in Donostia-San Sebastian, shows an upward trend.

The key effects of climate change for Europe are set out in following figure, with the Basque Country being located in two of the identified regions: North-western Europe and the Mediterranean Region:

El clima, agua y Europa

But climate change is also a perfect storm when it comes to our human psychology. That means if we want meaningful action on climate change, we need to see it as a psychological and behavioural challenge, not just a technological or political one.

Advocates for climate change action often think they just need to convince people it’s happening, and that this can be done by providing more facts and figures. But research out of Yale shows that people can understand the science but still not want to respond to climate change, if this could drive a wedge between them and their cultural group.

In behavioural science terms, this research demonstrates that climate change isn’t just a debate that calls for more facts and information to feed ‘System 2’ thinking — that is, slow, conscious and deliberate reasoning. It’s also a challenge in which our thinking is dominated by predictable mental biases and fast, automatic responses — ‘System 1’ thinking.

Uncertainty about the future cannot be an excuse for inaction today. If the world is to limit global temperature increases to well below 2°C, we must act immediately and must consider water part of the solution.

Let´s hack our cognitive biases in order to use sustainably water! How can we reduce the use of this precious natural resource?

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