Citizen's Challenge : Urban agriculture: the solution for climate and social inclusion. 


Participants and citizens will have the opportunity to decide on their own climate challenge, the citizen challenge, during the Climathon Geneva 2021. Proposing, selecting and validating the challenges with a committed community through a crowdfunding platform, allowing them together, thanks to the collective intelligence and the collection of funds from individuals and organizations, to propose their challenges, find and incubate innovative solutions, and finance projects to fight against climate change.

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Citizen Challenge Descriptions 1: 

Urban agriculture: the solution for climate and social integration. 


Today, half of the world's population lives in cities, more than one in two people, up from one in ten in 1900. The global population explosion is accompanied by rapid urbanization. We expect the urban population alone to reach 5 billion by 2030, the equivalent of the world's population in 1987. In sustainable cities, one of the paths and solutions to this new reality is to further develop urban agriculture. Indeed, the versatility of urban agriculture offers the possibility of implementing various public policies related to sustainable development in a single activity, from the greening of cities to the creation of social links through food security and the sale of regional agricultural products. There is also a desire to recreate a contact between consumers and producers. As a result, it is developing in many forms in cities, from individual gardening to intensive agricultural production, generally based on the political impulse to seize the opportunity of this activity to develop urban expansion in a sustainable way.

The Lake Geneva region is particularly affected by demographic growth. The annual evolution of its population is evaluated at 1.5% of additional inhabitants per year for a national average of 0.5%. The reception of these new residents requires the development of roads, living spaces, workplaces, parks and other infrastructures, which will be carried out through various urban projects. On the other hand, economic activity is taking place at the expense of agricultural land, which is required to engage in certain industries. 

For example, in the neighboring region of Haute-Savoie, an average of 650 farms cease operations each year. As a result, Haute-Savoie will be short of farmland in less than 100 years. As part of many joint projects, notably the initiatives of the Grand Genève - agglomération franco-valdo-genevoise, this observation applies equally to the Canton of Geneva.

Logically, cities have a limited amount of land. More and more agricultural enterprises are surrounded by cities, and the production area is becoming smaller and smaller. In order to take advantage of opportunities in the vicinity or in the city, asking and suggesting the orientation of these farms seems to be a necessary condition to ensure their protection. For these farms, the transition to urban agriculture seems to be an interesting and even promising way or creating new solutions to develop agriculture in the city. 

Challenge description:

Since in cities, combined industries are continuously fighting for a limited surface and often horizontally, we propose to think about services, solutions to promote the development of vertical urban agriculture with a supportive and collaborative approach.

The directions and incentives are multiple and the avenues to explore infinite. The objectives are the following: 

Maintain agricultural activity at the heart of the city and the life of its inhabitants
Strengthen social links and exchanges, food sovereignty and self-production
Participate in the development of a network between the different actors of social life and food
Welcome, transmit and share within the population, especially children and youth, the importance of living together and respecting nature and human beings
Enhancement of the ecosystem, promotion of biodiversity and respect for the landscape

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