Imagine the future of intercontinental human interactions by 2050

We face a lack of imagination and understanding of what the future might be. While some speak of collapse (collapsology), of survivalism or back to basics, of areas to be defended, others are convinced that we will live for more than 150 years, in a hyper-technological world. The fronts are radicalizing and the possible scenarios are numerous.

We talk about environmental issues, but do not analyze what their implications will be on everyday life, our culture, our social interactions, the way we move and work. Genève Aéroport, aware that it is necessary to look into the future in order to prepare for it, is offering this year, at the Geneva Climathon, a challenge based on the methodology of design fiction.

Thus, on November 13 and 14, 2020, the participants will work for two days on imaginaries of the future and ecological transition: they will create a story based on the theme of human interactions between continents in 2050.

Description of the challenge
By 2050, it is likely that more than 10 billion people will live on Earth. The snow may no longer fall below 2,000 meters, our daily lives may be made of repeated heat waves, we may live much longer. With more than 4.5 billion people flying in 2019 and that number could double by 2050, what are we going to do to protect our planet?

How will we adapt to these changes? How will we get around tomorrow? How will we be in contact with those living on other continents, including our loved ones? Will we go on vacation again to explore the natural and cultural wonders of the world? More fundamentally, how will we go about simply sharing, individually or collectively, in a changing world?

Simply betting on technological advances seems risky. We must then imagine how we could develop new forms of cooperation and interactions for the good of our environment. Genève Aéroport is therefore interested in your perception of your interactions with your loved ones, travel and cultural exchanges from one continent to another in 2050. How do you see the future?


Expected results (from the participants):
In groups of 4-5 people, and starting from the life of a person living in Switzerland in 2050, the participants will give a certain vision of the interactions that this person will have with the inhabitants living on other continents, evolving in different cultures.

Participants will try to positively imagine the world in 2050. Through a story, they will talk about what has changed, about the evolution of society, about human interactions between continents. Beyond their creativity, the participants undertake to respect certain principles:

  • The story should be caring and positive.
  • The proposed stories must be realistic. On the other hand, you can take inspiration from existing social and technological trends. (For example, you cannot say that telekinesis will connect humans from continent to continent in 2050).
  • Technology can be part of your story, but it alone cannot solve future connectivity issues. (For example, you can't say that planes no longer emit CO2 in 2050).
  • In your story, you will need to discuss the role of aviation in human interactions between continents in 2050.
  • You must respect the fact that we only have one planet with limited resources. (For example, your solution cannot be for humanity to migrate to another planet.)

In front of the members of the jury of the Climathon Genève, participants will present the result of their reflection in the form of a short story, a story, which they can if they wish to illustrate or supplement in various ways:

  • Drawings / illustrations
  • Videos
  • Reworked photos
  • Musical ambiance
  • Travel concepts
  • Travel offers
  • Newspaper headlines
  • Radio spot
  • Front page of a newspaper
  • Daily news
  • Etc.


Tips and avenues to explore:
During the Climathon, you will be guided by our team who will help you understand the challenge, but also stimulate your creativity. In the meantime, we offer you some avenues for reflection that will allow you to create a quality fictional story:

* These leads are resources to inspire you. You are under no obligation to use or limit yourself to them.

Since we ask you to address the future of aviation in your story, here are various predictions for the industry in 2050:  Aviation Benefits Beyond Borders or Air Travel in 2050: a Glimpse into the Future

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