In search of time regained

Distances have changed. The snail wins the race.

In a world where technology and digitalization allow men to have more free time and where green transportation is a new value, people and airports are rethinking the way of traveling. During decades humankind tried to go faster in every single sector, so why could not we enjoy this extra time offered? Our idea is that airport will not only offer a way to join a point to another but will focus on the costumers’ experience of the journey to continue to travel through continents but in a more respectful way of our planet. Journey time should not be seen in the future as a lost one but an opportunity to enjoy the experience while being able to continue our daily life. Airports are no longer focusing on polluting planes and will not wait for affordable green innovation to allow people to travel. Instead they will offer a new segmented offer adapted to the new rhythm and way of life of their passengers. Many way of transportation for middle and long travels has been forgot such as trains, boat or even zeppelin we want to focus the improvement of technology on this forgotten engines to turn them into a new way of traveling in the respect of the environment. In this new segmented offer passengers will have to choose between what is important for them: travel time, price, experience and environmental performance. Where this kind of choice already exist, in the future we imagine that the balance and the importance between these elements are changed : time will not be a priority anymore. By offering a “home far away from home” experience in the transport and the increase of free time of the population, transport will become a way of life instead of a useful extra. Time will be free and abundant once more.



2F Five4Change

Arthur Lavaud / Arnaud De Montillet / Faiza Mahdaoui / Coline Marcellin / Constance Chanard
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