The CleanCard Journey

The CleanCard Journey

A man tells the story of the evolution of aviation in the age of CleanCard carbon quotas as he takes his grand-daughter back to her origin country for the first time on a series of electric flights.

In 2050, on 14 November at 17:00, Leila and her grandfather are on board on the CleanJet S214 flight to Geneva Airport.

They both come from Montreal and are on their way to Egypt, the grandfather's homeland. In a world where CO2 emissions are controlled, each individual has a CleanCard and has to comply with his or her maximum CO2 emission quota. Every action is measured: food, transport, purchases, hobbies, etc...

Leila's Grandfather has always dreamed of taking his little girl to Cairo to discover his country of origin. In this ultra-controlled context, they have no other choice but to choose the eTransatlantic line, which connects the two continents via a series of 100% emission-free electric flights. Montreal, Greenland, Reykjavik, Dublin, Geneva and then Cairo, a journey that reinvents the travel experience and gives airports back a central role.

The airport, an inevitable stopover for long journeys, now offers all kinds of experiences and entertainment.

In Geneva, the boom in power lines has put the airport back in the spotlight. Traffic has exploded and Geneva's stopover, a veritable place to live, has become a reference in Europe. Leila, impatient to discover the activities offered by Geneva airport, takes advantage of the flight by listening to her grandfather who tells her about his youth, his travels and the series of political events that led to the quotas and the democratisation of the CleanCard.



2C - CleanCard

Alexandre, Chantal, Heba, Pierre

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