Promoting the potential of Smart Meters data

Accelerate the energy transition by using and exploiting the potential of the data provided by smart meters

With the deployment of the Swiss energy strategy 2050, we are witnessing an increase in the production of decentralized electricity from renewable energy sources ( sun, wind, biomass) or even the development of electric mobility. This energy transition also requires moving from a unidirectional electricity network (electricity spreads from production areas to consumption areas) to a bidirectional network that integrates the decentralized and intermittent production of renewable energies.

In order to enable dynamic management of the network and of energy resources, the “smart meter” is an essential element which allows real-time measurement of electricity flows. It is mainly used to transmit data on energy consumption, but in the future other applications will be possible.

The data collected by these smart meters could make it possible to implement awareness-raising actions, optimize energy consumption, reduce the household carbon footprint or promote renewable energies. 

Ultimately, smart meters will improve the efficiency of distribution and networks, and save money. But what type of data and in what forms (applications, website, interactive tools) should be presented and made available while respecting data protection? 

This is therefore our challenge for the Climathon 2020: Harnessing the potential of data from Smart Meters

Expected results (on the part of the participants):
Participants in the Climathon are invited to imagine mechanisms, tools and services to promote the use and valuation of smart meter data. It will be about convincing individuals, PEPs, communities or authorities and pushing them to act.

The questions below can help move the thinking forward, but participants should feel free to explore whatever avenues they think are most relevant. 

  • What data could be used to sensitize the different actors? For exemple: goedata and building information, renewable energy potential at local and national level, consumption and production data, basic data and measurement data
  • What social behaviors can be influenced by energy consumption data?
  • How can the information be presented (applications, website, interactive tools)?
  • What types of incentive systems (monetary and non-monetary) can be built from this data to accelerate the transition to renewable energies?
  • How do people agree to share these data and how far should self-determination go when it comes to the use of these data?
  • What are the barriers and limits to data ownership?
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