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1/4 of our impact is due to food and 1/3 of all edible food is wasted. Who is responsible? Impact Label aims at raising awareness at all levels for a conscious production, regulation and consumption.

The aim of the Impact Label Team is to create a label that shows the environmental impact of a product, raising awareness for a more conscious consumption. Consumers will receive direct information through a color scale indicator, which takes into account CO2 emissions from the production, transportation and packaging of the item.


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Impact Label Team

Our team is comprised of five young people with a deep environmental concern. Our different competences, spanning from biology to anthropology, climatology to accountability, have intertwined in the creation of a system able to hold consumers, producers and legislators accountable for their environmental impact.

Conscious consumption patterns and habits

The transition to a low-carbon society depends heavily on the choices that each of us makes as consumers on a daily basis. How can we re-orient them in order to achieve a lower climate impact?
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