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Climathon: Building momentum for the 2017 climate summit COP23

Climathon 2017 is set to be the biggest global climate hackathon in history.

But just a week after the Climathon takes place on 27 October– with organisers and participants in cities on every continent of our planet – almost all the world's countries from come together for the twenty-third global climate change summit, COP23.

The first-ever global Climathon, organised by Climate-KIC, took place in 2015. That year, the Climathon helped ratchet up the momentum that resulted in the historic agreement at the Paris climate summit that year.

The presidency of the 2017 conference, held by the island nation of Fiji, says it has endorsed Climathon because it is line with its vision and contributes to the momentum of COP23 and beyond.

Creating momentum

The goal of the global Climathon hackathon event on 27 October is to bring together the challenges of the world's cities with the people who have the passion and ability to solve them.

Climathon organisers and participants on every continent of the planet share COP23's vision to harness innovation, enterprise and investment to fast track the development and deployment of climate solutions that will build our future economies.

Climathon helps builds communities, not only locally within each city, but a global movement of change agents. 

We listen and learn from each other as we speak together, share ideas, and work together to come up with innovative solutions to climate challenges. 

Climathon focuses on the action people can take to move the global climate agenda forward. 

This isn't something that just governments, businesses or large organisations can do. Climate change is something that affects us all, we are all vulnerable and need to act.

The Fijian 'Bula Spirit'

Climathon aligns closely with COP23's inclusiveness, friendliness and solidarity – the Fijian 'Bula Spirit'. 

The Climathon movement allows the people who live in cities around the world to join together for climate action during 24 hours on 27 October 2017.

Drive climate action in your city and create awareness among more of your fellow citizens. Many of them may be surprised about the very real challenges your city is already facing today, and what part they could play in helping to mitigate and adapt to these changes.

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