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Climate Innovators - Create real solutions to your city’s climate challenge, take action in your city!

How will you benefit from Climathon?

  • Help solve your city’s local climate challenge, and make your city more resilient to climate change
  • Network with local leaders from academia, business and public authorities
  • Develop your skills in public speaking, innovative thinking, prioritisation, and explore new tools and methodologies
  • Join forces with other like-minded entrepreneurs and innovators
  • Become a part of a global community working together to take climate action!

Application Deadline: 25th October, 2017


Copernicus Climathon

Earth Observation in Support of Sustainable Water Resources Management


Burjassot City Challenge basically consists of developing Adaptation to Climate Change activities using Copernicus Earth Observation data and products and Water Management solutions in order to enhance socio-economical and environmental values in water sensitive areas. We want to encourage participants to be involved in our challenge to study water-related negative climate change impacts and low-efficiency usage  to tackle them and generate incomes.      

Our participants will be focusing on innovative methodologies for water resources re-distribution by integrating

• knowledge, diagnostic and monitoring capacity of remote sensing

• optimum engineering solutions

• efficient financial tools

• sensible policy decisions

to correctly manage all water resources, and recover life in unprofitable areas

Our aim is to close the cycle of the different water resources, especially reclaimed water, in order to compensate scarcity by re-using it, as well as unpredictable weather conditions, with the goal to developing a successful and balanced economical life style.



27.10.2017. Sala de Juntas de la Facultad de Farmacia. Universidad de Valencia. Burjassot.

10:00     Arrival and registration

11:00     Welcome to Climathon (Opening session)

Soledad Gandía Franco Decana de la Facultad de Física

Juan Carlos Moltó Cortés Decano de la Facultad de Farmacia

Lluna Arias Cortina (Ajuntament de Burjassot –  Regidora de Benestar Social, Igualtat, Desenvolupament Local i Medi Ambient de Burjassot)

José Luis Muñoz Director de Climate-Kic España

12:00 – 13:00     Coaching & Lecture Session 

  • Joaquín Muñoz (ECMWF) – “Copernicus Climate Change Service (c3s)” (T.B.C.)
  • Rafael Escamilla (IVACE) – “Search for opportunities for startups and internationalization”

13:00 – 13:45     Brainstorming session. Group formation

13:45     Lunch

15:00 – 15:45    Coaching & Lecture Session

  • Johannes Hunink (FutureWater) – “Earth Observation in support of Sustainable Water Resources Management”

15:45 - 17:00     "Design Thinking" webinars and training

17:00 – 20:00    Mentoring

  • Ernesto Lopez-Baeza “From research to innovation: Earth Observation as a bussiness opportunity”
  • Tom Baur “From bussiness opportunity to bussiness model and networking”
  • Carlos Rivero “From bussiness model to pitch presentation”
  • Coffee Break
  • Working on ideas with mentors

20:00 – 21:00     Dinner

21:00     Online connection with cities with similar challenges (if possible)

22:00     Online connection with Climathon central event

23:00     Online connection with cities with similar challenges (if possible)

00:00 – 3:00       Group work

3:00       Break

3:30 – 7:00          Group work

7:00 – 8:00          Good morning! Breakfast

8:00 – 10:00       Finalizing the concept ant Pitch training

10:00     Presentation to the Jury. Jury evaluation

11:00     Award giving ceremony

11:30    Final evaluation. Closure

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Contact Us

Contact Us

If you have any queries about the Climathon please contact:

Local Contact
University of Valencia / Physics Faculty / Earth Physics & Thermodynamics Dept / Climatology from Satellites Group
Global Contact
Climathon Manager
Orsolya Barna
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