Internet-of-things (IoT) enabled mobile air pollution sensor, to be mounted on moving agents around the city

London, United Kingdom
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The challenge

During the Climathon, team AirPublic examined the issue of London air pollution, specifically looking at the challenge of the lack of data. Their solution was an internet-of-things (IoT) enabled mobile air pollution sensor, to be mounted on moving agents around the city. This would enable better coverage over the city area—with less units.

The prototype was developed in 2016, and in 2017, 10 units were trialled on electric delivery vehicles in London as part of the OrganiCity programme from Future Cities Catapult.

What's next

This year, AirPublic was accepted in the Bethnal Green Ventures Accelerator programme and is looking towards taking its product to the market.

The Climathon was definitely the spark for our business. Meeting with others who are motivated to make change in such a focused environment is unusual outside of a work environment, and the Climathon was able to bring a diverse set of skills into the room to create our winning team and idea.
Hannah Gardiner

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