Mendrisio - Climathon 2019


Together we can make Mendrisio, its region, and the world a better place to live

Solve the climate challenge put forward by the City of Mendrisio for a better and more liveable city and region!


Join the Climathon in Mendrisio to connect with city officials and experts and develop together a shared vision for a healthier city and region. Turn this vision into a reality by working together with developers, entrepreneurs, or students, to find innovative city solutions and win support.

Come with an existing idea or simply work on a new solution with an inspiring team! Experts and mentors will support your team during the 24 hours in finding the best solutions to the challenges.


"To heat up - or not to heat up: that is the question!"
This exciting challenge is waiting to be solved by you.

What measures can solve the phenomenon of “heat islands” in urban centres?

Climate change favoured the intensification of heat waves during summer. In high-density urban areas, the pervasive presence of asphalt and concrete in the city causes solar radiation to be better absorbed, triggering a further increase in heat and giving rise to the "urban heat island" phenomenon.

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