Barcelona - Climathon 2019


Let’s make The Metropolitan Area of Barcelona and the world a better place to live!

Join the Climathon Wave! A global wave of changemakers and innovators that want to help humanity achieve zero emissions in 20 to 30 years. Help us change how the world breathes. Help improve the way the world works and lives.


The two most harmful and abundant air pollutants in Barcelona are nitrogen dioxide (NO2), an irritant gas that attacks the lungs and is mostly produced by internal combustion engines, and suspended particulates under 10 microns in diameter (PM10), which are especially harmful to the respiratory and cardiovascular systems.These pollutants are produced in combustion processes, driving and braking of vehicles, as well as in construction work, among others.

Since 2016 Barcelona City Council, AMB, as well as local organizations and businesses such as Climate Infrastructure, in order to combat high pollution episodes and to protect people’s health, 25 structural measures and 58 actions have been undertaken.

In order to combat pollution, we all have to get involved: public administrations, organisations, companies, citizens.. YOU!Are you up for the challenge? It is about your health. It is about the health of future generations.

Barcelona Climate Hackathon

Work in a multidisciplinary team for 48 hours and come up with a solution that helps improve the air quality of The Metropolitan Area of Barcelona. Participation is free of charge.

Barcelona Climathon 2019

Sign up for the Barcelona Climathon and join forces with a multidisciplinary team of passionate people to create a solution that will help improve the quality of the air we breathe in The Metropolitan Area of Barcelona.

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