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Together we can make Basel and the world a better place to live

Join the Climathon movement and solve the toughest climate challenge cities face today

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Thousands around the world see Climathon as a powerful tool to mobilise cities, citizens and local economies to combat climate change. In order to create (some) order in that chaos and have the maximum possible global impact, each city has its own local organizers. In Basel this is the Department for Environment and Energy, IWB and Impact Hub Basel.

Join the Climathon in Basel to connect with developers, entrepreneurs, students and city officals and work on a more sustainable and climate-resilient city. Together you will find innovative solutions for Basel and win support from the city, Climate KIC and other partners. You are free to come with an existing idea, start up, or work on a new solution with others and will be supported by experts and coaches. After 24 hours you will pitch your idea to the jury - the best solutions will get the chance to be further developed with the support of Basel’s Climathon partners. 


Come and work with us on our three challenges in the area of #RenewableEnergy, #SaveFood and #UrbanCycling.


Basel has actively implemented new climate policies as a response to the Paris Agreement. A large share of the city’s CO2 emissions comes from the building sector, specifically, their heating and cooling. How do we motivate individuals bottom-up to opt for and engage with renewable heating options?

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Around a third of the food produced in Switzerland ends up as waste. This corresponds to around 2 million tons of food per year. Almost half of the waste is generated in private households.

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In Basel, too, many routes are covered by car. Cycling is emission-free, space-saving, healthy and offers a fast, comfortable and attractive alternative in urban traffic. However, many people do not dare to cycle in the city. How can we motivate them to ride their bikes more often?

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