Bath - Climathon 2019


CANCELLED – Bath Climathon

It is with great regret that we are cancelling the Bath Climathon due to low numbers. Please accept our sincere apologies, we know this will be disappointing news – but we're sure it won't dampen your enthusiasm for making the world a more sustainable place to live!

15 and 16 November – CANCELLED

What's in it for me?

There’s a big problem with recycling electrical goods: poor data.
Imagine if you could help crack that?

You would dramatically improve people's understanding of product usage and longevitiy, accuracy of information about recycling and evidence to support its merits.

The Bath Climathon is an exciting opportunity to work alongside entrepreneurs, students, professionals and developers on an innovative, technological solution that uses apps and tracking data to improve the way we use and dispose of electrical items.

You'll be collaboratively racking brains to co-design a system that tracks electrical products from the point of manufacturing, through retail and consumption to recycling and reuse. 

It's a great opportunity to use your skills and collaborate on an environmentally useful project. And we'll give you refreshments – and we'll be handing out prizes!

A pile of waste electrical goods

Recycling facilities in Bath are straining. Better information about electrical waste could take some of the pressure off and help improve the recycilng infrastructure.

When it comes to electrical waste, there's a disconnect between information about manufacturers, retailers and consumers and information captured at the point of recycling collection.

The Bath Climathon is a great opportunity to help improve important information about recycling in the area.

Join us

We are looking for different participants to join the Climathon. Sign up for your profile now. Hurry up we only have a limited amount of seats.






Policy maker


How will it work? Check out our schedule for the Climathon The event is over two days: 15th and 16th November 2019 at the University of Bath. Thursday: Get familiar with the market and the challenge Friday: Challenge team sessions, presentations and prizes

15 November 16:00

Introductions and Refreshments

15 November 16:30

Presentation on eWaste Market and Waste Electrical Equipment Directive

15 November 16:45

Presenting the Challenge

15 November 17:00

Open Brainstorm of Challenge Questions and Issues

15 November 17:30

Rules and Requirements for Solving the Challenges and Outputs required

15 November 18:00

Team Formation and Discussions

15 November 18:30

Close – off to Homework

16 November 09:00

Wake Up Refreshments and Exercise

16 November 09:30

Challenge recap

16 November 10:00

Challenge Team – work session

16 November 11:30


16 November 12:15

Continued Challenge Team work

16 November 13:15

Team Presentations

16 November 14:00

Judging and Prizes

16 November 14:30



There will be prizes!

There will indeed! They're a secret for now though, just to keep you wondering..!

Coaches, Experts & Jury

The Climathon will be supported by these amazing coaches and experts Jury members tbc.


Dan Gipple

Leading, coaching and facilitating. Dan will also be part of the judging panel

Founder, BetterPoints Ltd. Sustainability and technology entrepreneur with 25 years' experience


Anne Lancaster

Co-facilitator, tech and psychology expert. Anne will also be part of the judging panel

Product Manager, BetterPoints Ltd. Experienced Product Manager with a background in Psychology


University of Bath


Room 1W 2.104, University of Bath (middle of campus)
GBBA2 7AY - Bath

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