Belgrade - Climathon 2019


Together we can make Belgrade and the world a better place to live for generations to come

Join Climathon (the largest collective climate action, uniting people in 55 countries, 145+ cities on all continents, and reaching 300+ million people) to solve one of the 2 challenges put forward by the City of Belgrade: 1) Urban Heat Islands in Belgrade or 2) Solid Waste and Ecological awareness

Climathon Belgrade

The Climathon Belgrade 2019/20 is all about Climate and Sustainability.

During February 8th and 9th 2020, the participants will collectively solve the two challenges provided by our city, energize themselves through workshops and activities like office Yoga, enjoy cocktails, snacks, and inspiring keynote speeches.

On February 8th, 2020, as a continuation of the Climathon pre-programme the International Education Forum Remaking Tesla will be merged with Climathon to train participants in multidisciplinary solving of Climate and Sustainability challenges in an innovative and creative way. They will play Play Sustainability! Edu-game featured and awarded on several domestic and international events.

Climathon spreads over 2 months of activities - with the first hackathon happened in December 2019.

If you have any problem in the official registering by using the lower button, please register through this 10-seconds form instead and we will help you in the procedure. 


Two exciting challenges are waiting to be solved by you.

How to reduce the effect of heat islands in Belgrade?

In recent years the microclimate of central urban areas has changed and heat islands have been created. How can we solve the problem of heat islands in Belgrade?

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- “Whose is our garbage?” Mobilization of public awareness regarding the Municipal Solid Waste

Eco-ethics and education: How to mobilize citizens for environmental activities related to waste? How to motivate them for sorting municipal solid waste in homes; not to throw it in unintended places? Recycling in Serbia is on a low level, over 90% of the waste ends up in landfills and wild dumps.

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Management, Coordination, Envisioning, Technology RnD


Secretariat for Environmental Protection | City of Belgrade

Management, Coordination, Envisioning, Mentoring, Challenges providing


Zero Waste Future

Management, Coordination, Envisioning, Waste & Recycling

ReMaking Tesla

Remaking Tesla, International Forum

Collective creativity and innovation ecosystem provider

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