Berlin - Climathon 2019


Creating Climate Innovation to Facilitate Berlin's Transformation Towards a Green Future

How can we shape the future of Europe's greenest capital to meet the ambitious climate targets put forward by the City of Berlin? Let's create sustainable innovation to solve Berlin's climate challenges!


Berlin is not only the greenest capital of Europe, the city government has also set ambitious new climate targets going even further than the national aim of becoming completely climate neutral until 2050. Germany's start-up hot spot yields enormous potential for groundbreaking climate innovation and could become an important showcase for the energy transition and a real-life laboratory for new climate-friendly transport, energy, waste and water management.

This year's climathon will be the 4th to be held in Berlin and the biggest the city has seen so far. We couldn't think of a better venue to host the climathon than the newly opened Futurium - the house of futures right in the heart of Berlin. With more than 100 innovative minds, several local institutions to support the event and this futuristic location creating just the right atmosphere for innovation, we will tackle Berlin's climate challenges with combined forces! 


These exciting challenges are waiting to be solved by you.

Old and Young Unite!

When old age meets teenage. How might older and younger generations actively support each other in reducing resource consumption?

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How can we enhance the resilience of Berlin to increasingly frequent water-extreme events?

How can open data and crowd-sourced information enhance the resilience of Berlin and the cities of tomorrow to increasingly frequent water-extreme events (flash floods and droughts) via improved real-time warning and long-term forecasting?

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Berlin on the move - how can data help to make urban mobility more sustainable?

Be part when its about shaping ideas for a sustainable mobility in Berlin! In this challenge we want to experiment with the potential of open data and open source to create unique prototypes, tools and ideas for a sustainable mobility.

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How can the overall waste production in office buildings be reduced?

What incentives and creative solutions can be offered to engage people and change their mind-set in terms of saving resources and changing their consumer behavior and lifestyle?

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