Cēsis - Climathon 2019


Together we can make Cesis and the world a better place to live

Creating simulations to measure and analyze pressure of urban development to the ecosystem services and biodiversity in Cesis municipality.

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Cesis, Latvia (18,065; 937/km2) provides a case of small but vibrant, agile and forward-looking city with relevant local implementation case of exploring how ‘green‘ can make its way back into the city by developing scenarios and place-making practices which re-integrate and re-activate urban nature into the city for the sake of well-being of its citizens as well as its guests. The cultural environment of Cesis is influenced by the cultural and historical heritage, consisting of both the medieval palace of Cesis, the Old Town of Cesis, with the remaining street network and the building of walls and wood, and the wooden villas built on the banks of Gauja.


This year the hakaton is organised in cooperation with the Cesis municipality project «Augmented Urban».

Challenges to be solved

These exciting challenges are waiting to be solved by you.

The creation of tools to help the municipality assess and develop a range of tourism services

The great natural values, which are found in the green areas of the city of Cesis, are an untapped opportunity. The city of Cesis is a popular destination for tourism and cultural events. The long-term development strategy of the city is also aiming at developing a new “resort”.

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What tools could help to recognize, assess, respond to climate risks in both the short and long term

What tools could help to recognize, assess, respond to climate risks in both the short and long term? What are the adaptability of the city and the requirements that the municipality should impose on the development of economic activity?

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