Cairo - Climathon 2019


Together we can make Cairo and the world a better place to live!

Solve the climate challenge put forward by the City of Cairo about the burning of municipal waste!


Cairo, being one of the largest cities in the world, is home to more than 15 million inhabitants. Like other mega-cities, solid waste management is a huge challenge for its municipality and other stakeholders. The city produces more than 15,000 tons of solid waste every day which is putting tremendous strain on the city’s infrastructure. Waste collection services are provided by formal as well as informal sectors. The waste management system in Cairo is currently subpar with municipal solid waste collection rates at roughly 60% of the total solid waste generated in the municipality.


Solid waste management problems are causing serious ecological and public health problems in Egypt as well as have grave impacts on the climate. Join this 2-day hackathon event to tackle issues regarding solid waste management in Cairo.

How can a tech-enabled solution disrupt solid waste management in Egypt?

Egypt’s trash is a commodity, just like oil or wheat. New approaches for waste collection and recycling can create green jobs. How can technology with innovative business models be combined to tap into “solid waste management” through the lense of the "circular economy".

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Mostafa Mostafa

Cairo Climathon Organizer

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Salma Gaafar

GIZ Representative


Samah Abdo

NSWMP Representative

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