Human behavior

Where we will solve this challenge?

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The EPFL/HES-SO campus as accelerator of the transition in Sion


What role for the HEI - HES-So Valais Wallis ecosystem, the EPFL Valais Wallis and the campus area as accelerator of sustainable transformation for the city of Sion, the canton of Valais, Switzerland and beyond, on a short term basis ?

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How can we create a restful, edible city and take care of it as a self-organized community?


Imagine: everyone could be a farmer and a farm could be anywhere. Create a system for citizens and groups to use urban space for food production. Avoid conflicts between production and other claims and build a reliable, long lasting community-run system.

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How might we activate Zürich's citizens to be part of the solution?


Motivate Zürich's citizens to take action to fight against climate change: Design a campaign!

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Old and Young Unite!


When old age meets teenage. How might older and younger generations actively support each other in reducing resource consumption?

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Health Impact and Vulnerability


Let's find application and uses of satellite data to improve citizen health!

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How can we motivate the people of Mannheim to make their lifestyle more sustainable?


For several years now, the Climate Protection Agency Mannheim has been organising motivation campaigns and actions on behalf of the City of Mannheim in all areas of sustainable living. With your support, the Climate Protection Agency would like to spread this important awareness work more quickly.

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Implement application providing access to local climate data


Develop a graphical user-friendly application utilizing an open climate data store to provide access to the local climate data for environmental scientists, educators, policy makers, activists, and the general public.

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Imagine the city of the future


What will the life of an inhabitant of Lausanne in 2050 look like ?

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« Slow Destination » in the Morges region


What offers and tourism projects could develop the Slow Destination positioning of the Morges region ?

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How do we change human behaviour?

Citizen behaviour is largely responsible for current trends in global climate change. Hence, changing unsustainable consumption and production patterns unlocks a crucial climate impact potential.

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Citizens, consumer behaviour play a crucial role in steering and driving new sustainable practices.

Current consumption behaviours need to be changed and transformed into circular systems which ensure that society needs are met by using renewable resources, especially in human settlements where the demand is high (urban demand dematerialization).

New business models need to be developed to allow customers to use their demand power to push Business to Consumer (B2C) industries to dematerialize demand (e.g. product as a service, sharing models, etc.), to focus on eco-design , circular production processes and products, and to use distributed models of production and marketing to foster local production systems.

Best practices and learnings should be shared among all system stakeholders, to increase awareness of what is possible, what works and what doesn’t, and inspire further action.

Emerging trends have to be taken into account that shape both economy and social systems (for example digitalization, artificial intelligence, blockchain) that are going to have a significant impact on the way we produce and consume in the future. Exploring how communications, collaboration platforms, knowledge and learning processes can influence people’s behaviours and catalyse social movements.

Citizens and consumers need to be better included in climate innovation processes and activities. New ways how to collaborate and co-create between cities, citizens and industries are needed to unlock a change in society.

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