Waste management

Where we will solve this challenge?

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How to improve waste management collection and valorisation in Murcia traditional orchard?


Murcia traditional orchard has a serious problem in terms of waste management collection and valorisation. Currently, these wastes from agricultural activities (mainly organic and plastic) are not handled properly and are often burned. We are waiting for your solutions.

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How can the overall waste production in office buildings be reduced?


What incentives and creative solutions can be offered to engage people and change their mind-set in terms of saving resources and changing their consumer behavior and lifestyle?

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How do we make waste management more sustainable?

As cities face pressure to improve resource management efficiency, confront rising energy prices, and are running out of landfill space, reducing or avoiding waste generation becomes increasingly important. Waste management could improve the emissions of all sectors of the economy.

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The collection, management and disposal of urban waste has to be improved globally. In the European Union’s framing of the circular economy, they emphasise a circular economy model whereby the “value of products, materials and resources is maintained in the economy for as long as possible, and the generation of waste minimised” through adopting strategies such as re-use, repair, refurbishing and recycling to extend the useful life of existing materials, components and products.

In the Waste Hierarchy the principle of ‘prevention’ is prioritised, which encourages using non-hazardous and less material in product design and manufacturing, longer product lifespans as well as ensuring that the product design enables repair and reuse of products, components and materials throughout their lifetime. Developing circular production systems with sustainable materials to reduce waste requires new ways of collaborations throughout entire value-chains, including the consumers. Where waste cannot be avoided, product reuse, recycling and energy recovery are crucial parts of waste management. Innovative alternatives to waste disposal in landfills and incineration are needed as well.

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