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Together we can make Courmayeur and the world a better place to live

Courmayeur is the typical italian Alpine town located at the meeting point of Italy, France and Switzerland, making it the perfect synthesis of those cultures. The mountain ecosystem is now being threatened by climate changes. Therefore the challenges revolve around the subject of alpine tourism.

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Courmayeur is one of the most prestigious tourist destination of the italian Alps. A small city settled at the very base of the highest mountain of Europe, the Mont Blanc.

Ever since the early ‘90s the city has been paying attention to the development of the climate and how such changes affected the Alpine ecosystem. It is, in fact, on the front line of climate change awareness, being part of the cross-border cooperation organisation called Espace Mont-Blanc that arranges workshops and meetings that cover, among other topics, natural risks, glaciology, flora and fauna and safety in the mountains.

Joining Climathon Courmayeur gives you the opportunity to elaborate innovative ideas aimed at tackling the risks that climate change poses to alpine tourism. Working 24 hours with experts, policy makers and people with different background we can, together, turn those ideas into concrete actions in order to make tourism more sustainable, safer and make Courmayeur a carbon neutral town

For a better and more sustainable tourism

The three challenges regarding alpine tourism are awaiting a solution, you can contribute to find one Help Courmayeur find a way to make tourism more environmentally friendly and sustainable for the long run in order to protect and preserve the natural beauty of the Region

Tomorrow’s tourism

Sustainability and deseasonalization of tourism

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Safe tourism

Monitoring, prevention and awareness of risks linked to the territory

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Courmayeur carbon neutrality

How to foster carbon neutrality in an alpine destination such as Courmayeur.

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