Dhaka - Climathon 2019


Let's create sustainable Dhaka for tomorrow

Can we find sustainable solution for the challenges related to food safety, waste management and energy consumption of Dhaka City?


Join the Climathon 2019 in Dhaka City to solve the challenges you face everyday. You will have the opportunity to collaborate with other participants, local city authority, experts, researchers, potential sponsors, media and international community. You will have 24 hours to find innovative solution for the challenges faced by Dhaka City and our mentors will be always there to guide you. We hope to host participants from diverse background including students, professionals, entrepreneurs, policy makers, citizens who will bring versatility into the solution.


These three challenges related to food safety, waste management and energy consumption are awaiting for your innovative solutions!

How can contamination free fresh food be available to citizens of Dhaka?

Food adulteration is one of the most important problems faced by 8.9 million population of Dhaka City.

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How can we bring positive change in citizen behavior to create energy efficient Dhaka city?

Dhaka city is facing the challenge of energy shortage everyday and one of the main reason behind energy shortage is energy consumption without necessity. This waste of energy by the citizens contributes a lot in the shortage of energy for this city.

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How can we change our daily behaviour for making clean Dhaka city with efficient waste management?

The Dhaka North City Corporation and Dhaka South City Corporation installed around 6,000 waste bins across the city in 2016 but the project failed within a year due to a lack of awareness of the citizens. So, any waste management project in Dhaka require behavioural change of it's citizens.

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