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I am part of a city authority/municipality and want to get involved with Climathon. What could my role look like?

Engaging with the Climathon in your city ensures insight and a voice in future-focused conversations between citizens, stakeholders, and decision-makers.

As a city authority, you have the option to become a local organiser yourself, but most commonly, a city authority collaborates with your city’s local organiser for Climathon. Your involvement can be a combination or one of the following forms: formal endorsement, sponsorship, involvement in co-creating a challenge, or other in-kind contribution (e.g. providing event venue or offering marketing support).

Check the Find your Climathon page to see if a Climathon is being organised in your city. If so, you can reach out directly to the local organiser. If there is no organiser yet, you can get in touch with our Climathon team and we can help to find a suitable organiser. 

I am a media responsible and interested in writing about Climathon. Who do I contact?

Please reach out to us here

I am a media responsible and would like to write about a local Climathon? How to get in touch?

All local Climathons are listed in the Find your Climathon page. On the page in the “Meet the organiser” section, you can directly get in touch with the local Climathon organiser. Feel free to contact us here if you could not reach the right person.

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