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What are the benefits of sponsoring Climathon?

By investing in the global Climathon movement you can maximise your climate action, and take part in developing a better future for communities around the world.

  • Integrate into a large global community of policymakers, entrepreneurs, scientists, and participants through effective collaboration.
  • The possibility to have an integral role in climate change solutions for a city or region of your choice.
  • As main sponsor for our vertical (e.g. mobility) you become a part of our global board and network of impact-driven organisations.

Do you have different levels of sponsorships?

We aim to bespoke sponsorships to explore specific opportunities with each potential sponsor, tailored based on preferred level of engagement, budget availability and the express needs of each sponsor.

I want to sponsor more than one Climathon. Can I?

We are looking for sponsors who want to engage locally, regionally and/or globally. This means that, yes, you can sponsor one or more Climathons in your region or become part of our global board of sponsors.

I want to do an in-kind sponsorship—does Climathon allow that?

Yes, Climathon accepts both in-kind and bespoke sponsors to catalyse a global community of climate entrepreneurs and changemakers providing them with tools and the platform to develop and launch positive climate solutions.

What kind of sponsors are you looking for?

We are looking for sponsors to support our rapid scale-up and global approach for supporting early-stage green entrepreneurs and changemakers, the people who actively address local climate challenges and rethink their cities. We want to work with a collective of non-competing sponsors, such as Investors, Corporates, Foundations and International Institutions, who can work with us to solve the challenge of scale together.

How do I sponsor Climathon?

Reach out to get your tailored Climathon engagement started today! For further details, please contact 

Bjarke Kovshøj
Climathon Partnership Manager

What are the benefits of becoming Climathon’s partner?

Help us unite cities and citizens globally with coordinated activities that truly unlock the potential of community-led climate action. If we look past the complexity of today’s fragmented landscape and work as one, we can unite the world’s cities.

  • Increased impact in your community or region.
  • Visibility in a network of 200+ local organisers and 6.500+ changemakers
  • Value-add for your existing services and activities
  • Meet city officials and policymakers to discuss concrete climate change projects

What defines a partner?

We look for partners that share our vision and who bring value in terms of increased impact for Climathons globally. Partners who can see the benefit in using Climathon as an engagement tool for their network and partners. We seek active participation in equal-footing non-financial partnerships.

What is the role of a partner?

You have activities where you can see the benefit of adding Climathon as a community engagement platform. You can activate people in your network who can organise or participate in Climathon. You have activities that overlap with Climathon and can add extra value to local organisers and participants at different steps of the Climathon programme (warm-up events, ideathon, follow-up activities). 

What are the benefits of a partnership?

You and your network will be able to access the Climathon methodology and get support for the Climathon team in order to increase impact in your local or global community. You will become visible to our network of 200+ local organisers and 6.500+ changemakers, while being able to offer Climathon as a value-add for your existing services and activities.

Climathon is also an opportunity to open doors locally and meet city officials and entrepreneurs to discuss concrete climate projects.

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