Geneva - Climathon 2019


Together we can make Geneva and the world a better place to live

A 24-hour hackathon to build a sustainable vision, solve the climate challenges put forward by our main partners and find innovative solutions


Joining the Geneva Climathon is getting in touch with officials and partners to bring along a shared vision for a more sustainable city.

It's about turning that vision into a reality by working together with developers, entrepreneurs, or students to find innovative solutions and win support. Come with an existing idea or simply work on a new solution with an inspiring team.

Experts and mentors will support your team during the 24 hours in finding the best solutions to the challenges.


These exciting challenges are waiting to be solved by you.

Shared mobility in the Geneva aglomeration

How to develop shared mobility in the Geneva aglomeration ?

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Reduce CO2 emissions from motorized traffic in the City of Geneva

Understand why the number of registered vehicles in the City of Geneva is increasing and find solutions to get it down.

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Improve teleconferencing for reduced air travel

How can we improve teleconferencing for students and researchers on different continents, so that they can collaborate more effectively, as an alternative to air travel for meetings and conferences ?

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Impact Hub Geneva

Main Organizer

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