Heidelberg - Climathon 2019



Before pre-registering as a participant, please read the descriptions of the challenges and study related links. In the pre-registration survey, indicate which challenges you are interested in.

Novel design for multi-location conferences to reduce CO2 footprint of conference attendies

Develop a novel design for a multi-location conference that would take place in different locations simultaneously, uniting participants despite being separated in space and by the time-zones.

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Visualize the effect of climate change on local plants

Support local climate scientists and educators in exploring the effect of climate change on local plants by creating an interactive bloom map.

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Reduce carbon footprint of students and scientists by developing a sustainable behaviour campaign

Consider behavioral patterns of students and staff on the local campuses and develop a local campaign encouraging sustainable behaviour.

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Implement application providing access to local climate data

Develop a graphical user-friendly application utilizing an open climate data store to provide access to the local climate data for environmental scientists, educators, policy makers, activists, and the general public.

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Boost bicycle usage through more attractive bicycle routes

Identify factors that make a bike route attractive and develop a prototype estimating these factors to facilitate bike route planning and navigation.

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