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Join us at Climathon 2019: Together, we can make Houston and the world a better place to live!

Houston is facing extreme weather and disastrous conditions due to climate change. What if entrepreneurship could offer sustainable solutions? For 24 hours, join us and participate in Climathon 2019 to help solve the challenges of our region and the world!

Houston, "The Energy Capital of the World," has experienced three 500-year-flood disasters --including the destruction from Hurricane Harvey-- in the same amount of years. We've seen local talent rise to these challenges in the past, and want to give them a platform to take their solutions to the next level. In such a diverse city with a tremendous amount of resources, it seems only natural that Houston can help lead the way in developing local solutions that can scale to other contexts...especially in light of the Mayor's recently-announced Climate Action Plan
For more information on this event, including the day's schedule and what to expect, please visit https://houston.impacthub.net/climathon2019

Houston's Climathon Challenges

Houston is facing extreme weather and disastrous conditions due to climate change. What if local changemakers and entrepreneurs could do well AND do good by developing sustainable solutions to our region's challenges? Join us to figure that out--these exciting challenges are waiting for you!

Help Consumers make better decisions by providing insight into companies' carbon footprints

By giving consumers visibility to the carbon footprint of different energy sources, which companies utilize these sources, and the degree to which they utilize these sources, we can empower consumers to make informed purchasing decisions about their energy supply.

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Crowdsource Climate Action Solutions for The City of Houston

The City of Houston would like to develop better ways to engage local citizens and the startup and entrepreneurship community in developing innovative solutions towards climate action.

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How can we help people become more aware of climate action and adopt sustainable behavior?

When sustainability is taken into account, not every action carries the same weight. How can we motivate people to adopt a new, sustainable lifestyle and act in meaningful ways in their everyday lives in order to address the main causes of climate change?

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Houston Electric Vehicle (EV) Challenges

For a developing EV market to thrive it is important that would-be adopters have awareness of and convenient access to options that suit their needs and preferences.

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