Kraków - Climathon 2019


It's time for your move towards our climate

Join us together with urban activists, experts, students and residents of Krakow. We are uniting together to co-create future mobility of Kraków. This is a great opportunity to boost your career, meet like-minded people and do something with a positive impact on the environment.


For the 4th time we bring Climathon to Kraków - beautiful, royal city and former capital in southern Poland. Traffic congestion in the city center, overloaded city transport and mostly vehicles-friendly infrastructure are only some of the challenges which Kraków is facing right now. This year we will attempt to respond to the needs of our city in terms of mobility and create projects for its better future.


Inspiring challenges are waiting for you to be solved. This year we work together in order to establish a path for Krakow towards net-zero emission city by 2050. Check out the details and choose the one that suits you best!

How can we boost green mobility by leveraging on technology

Electric scooters rentals, activity trackers, public transport on-demand locations - these are only few examples where technology can enable development of green solutions in our cities. Now it's time for you to act!

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How can we inspire people to use sustainable means of transport instead of drive?

Disturbing statistics about public health and air pollution can be improved by changing a car to a bike or walk on the way to school or work. In New York, Paris and other famous cities many crowded avenues and squares have turned into pedestrian space. What about Krakow?

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Are we really aware of all available information ? How to make sure we are not missing anything?

How to ensure that relevant information about mobility and its eco social impacts is available and easily accessible for citizens?

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