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Start co-creating 'Full World Economics' now

What if we could create the 'fitbit for the environment'? InnerPlanet is a voluntary co-creation collective building a carbon tracker technology through open-source collaboration to empower individuals to change their behaviour for a more sustainable world. We need your help to make it happen!

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To join us please find us on Eventbrite for attendance on the different days. 

There are many ways to participate in the InnerPlanet London Climathon 2019. We welcome all participants eager to actively contribute to this effort, whether for one day or all days! We are tracking day by day attendance with Eventbrite to make sure we can accomodate all engaged participants for all portions of each day. Please register for each individual day, or for the continuous 4 days of co-creation. Also on Eventbrite, find information on how to participate in the Global Interactive curated in San Francisco and accessible virtually from anywhere! 

Eventbrite events:

London Climathon DAY 1: HACK YOUR DATA

London Climathon DAY 2: HACK YOU APP

London Climathon DAY 3: HACK YOUR CITY

London Climathon Day 4: Interdependence Day!

London Climathon DAY 1-4: CODE YOUR FUTURE

InnerPlanet Global Launch: Virtual Interactive & Live in SF

Start co-creating 'Full World Economics' now

What if we could create the 'fitbit for the environment'? What if the answer was through open source collaboration, capitalizing on diversity? During the Climathon we want to built the technology to enable and empower individuals and communities to reclaim agency over their environmental impact.

Day 1: Hack Your Data - Friday, October 25th

How do we convert the actions of individuals and communities to IMPs (measured impacts)? Understanding your data consumption, the impact of your everyday choices, your remaining CO2 allowance, and how your individual action fits within a broader system.

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Day 2:Hack Your App - Saturday October 26th

How can we track ourselves and create a platform for change? Create an app and platform which seamlessly integrates the new currency of the world into our ecosystem. How do we create an interface which gathers, educates and stimulates us?

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Day 3:Hack Your City - Sunday October 27th

How do we innovate our global exchange ecosystem and create the future ‘Impact Ecosystem’? How do we power our cities? How do we make best use of the technologies available to us? How do we build for true, circular sustainability? How do we localise our food supply chains?

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Days 1-4 CODE YOUR FUTURE Co-Create, Innovate, Iterate, Integrate

Can we co-create the world’s climate app? Over the four days of the climathon we plan to code the first version of the InnerPlanet app. Taking on board the input from the daily hacks, we aim to create a demo version, available to everyone who has attended the event.

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