Lund - Climathon 2019


Climathon in Lund will focus on the climate impact of the construction industry.

The climate impact of the construction industry has not been in the focus of attention. Considering its large impact and chare of GHG emissions Globally, in Sweden and in Lund the issue needs to be adressed.


Lund, a small city in the south of Sweden, is located in an ever-expanding region with a great focus on sustainability. We want to create a city where you can live a climate friendly life and expand the city with a low climate impact.

Join Climathon in Lund and work together with inspiring people to co-create solutions for the future. The event is free for everyone and will run for 24 hours on the 25th-26th October. Come as a team or form a new team, you will then use the time for ideation and business model development. Teams will get feedback from experts and you will be able to join workshops and other activities throughout the event. The best ideas will be awarded by a jury at the end of the event.


These exciting challenges are waiting to be solved by you.

Reuse of the old courthouse in Lund

The old courthouse in Lund is no longer being used. How can we use this building?

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Reducing the climate impact from plastics in buildings

The building industry is globally the second largest consumer of plastics (after packaging), consuming 24% of the production of plastics globally. How can we reduce the climate impact from plastics in buildings?

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Building materials have a great impact on the environment.

Building materials have a great impact on the environment. How can we reuse more of the construction and demolition waste?

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Our Partners


Finnur Sverrisson


Olof Blomqvist

Project Coordinator, Lund University

Lina Röjnert

Project Coordinator, Lund University

Adam Wadsten

Environmental Strategist, Lunds Kommun

Anders Persson

CEO, Sysav Utveckling


Åse Togerö

Senior Green Development Manager, Skanska

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