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Let's create together sustainable innovation solutions to solve Madrid climate challenges and take climate action together! Registration is complete. But if you fill in this form we'll put you on the waiting list!

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The ecological situation of our planet is very worrying because it is at serious risk of overflowing most of its biophysical limits, so that humanity faces huge global environmental challenges: neutralizing the effect gas emissions greenhouse, reduce air pollution, biodiversity loss, waste management, energy transition and decarbonization of the economy, etc.

Madrid and its metropolitan area, is a large city that, due to its historical evolution and growth model, and its current trends and dynamics, accumulates serious environmental deficits that place it in the face of scenarios not free of risk and degradation.

CO2 emissions, air pollution and air quality, sources and energy consumption in buildings, recycling, reduction and disposal of all types of waste, pressure on natural ecosystems, etc. Therefore, innovation is urgent to incorporate structurally sustainable management models into Madrid that will face climate change accordingly.

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This hackaton aims to solve three key challenges that the city of Madrid is facing due to climate change. During Climathon, we will present these challenges to the brave participants who want to take climate action and develop solutions that will improve Madrid and the life of its citizens. Ready?

How can we reduce our food consumption impacts?

Global food production must double by 2050 to meet the needs of a rising population, which will mostly live in cities, as well as to reduce its negative impacts on the climate. Therefore, there is a need to improve our sustainable food systems that feed urban populations such as Madrid.

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How can we avoid the city of Madrid to become a heat island?

Due to climate change and temperature raise, Madrid needs to find a way to prevent the city to become a heat island. Elevated temperatures from urban heat islands, particularly during the summer, can affect a community’s environment and quality of life, besides its environmental impacts.

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How to improve efficiency and urban energy transition in the city of Madrid?

Urban areas are the places in which the greatest progress can be made on energy transition. To be able to live sustainably, we need to drastically reduce our fossil fuel consumption worldwide by improving end-use efficiency, conversion efficiency and by introducing renewable resources.

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Inés Mas de la Peña

Business Development

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Carmen Huidobro

Marketing and Communications

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Andrea Domínguez


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Alberto Fernandez


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Patricia Arenas


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Virginia Huidobro


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