Mannheim - Climathon 2019


Drive climate action!

We want to not just talk about sustainability but try to see what technology can do to fight climate change. That is why Hackerstolz and the City of Mannheim is hosting the Climathon.

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Please visit our main landing page Climathon Mannheim 2019 for more information. Only on our landing page you can get valid tickets for the hackathon. The KIC city side will only be used to maintain the challenges and solutions of the teams. Use the short link to event ticket here.


Several exciting challenges await you from the city of Mannheim. We are currently collecting all the information and data records and grinding the formulations, please be patient. Soon we will publish all challenges here.

How to prepare a central data management system to integrate sensors of real estate management?

How must a central data management system be technically prepared in order to integrate sensors of real estate management that have not been able to interact so far?

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How can we motivate the people of Mannheim to make their lifestyle more sustainable?

For several years now, the Climate Protection Agency Mannheim has been organising motivation campaigns and actions on behalf of the City of Mannheim in all areas of sustainable living. With your support, the Climate Protection Agency would like to spread this important awareness work more quickly.

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How can a Video Clip convince citizens to build Solar Panels on their roofs?

Fossil Free Karlsruhe is a regional NGO which started an initiative called FAKTOR2 in the city of Karlsruhe, Germany. More information can be found on their websites: [...]

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How can we motivate people to support reforestation projects?

Everybody should plant at least one tree in his lifetime. BOS wants to set up a platform that makes it a real joy to plant trees in Indonesian rainforest. A transparent and individual way to donate new forest -tree by tree. [...]

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How "foresighted housing supply" look like and which data could be networked?

With around 18,846 apartments, GBG Mannheim is the largest local housing association in Baden-Württemberg. It provides living space for about 13 percent of Mannheim's citizens. [...]

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How can life in the city of Mannheim be made more liveable through the use of LoRaWAN technology?

Create the cities of the future today. The development of a city into a Smart City is an individual task for every community. Smart Cities support the efficient, sustainable and liveable design of cities by intelligently using municipal infrastructure. [...]

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By which means does a modern and smart public transportation system change our behaviour, etc.?

Mobility, as a basic need of mankind, affects all of us permanently. The Rhein-Neckar-Verkehr GmbH (rnv) fosters a sustainable strategy of innovation, efficiency, an increase of the modal split, benefits for the environment [...]

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How can technology support African farmers with smarter irrigation?

Water is a precious good in countries like Africa. Too much of it is wasted for agriculture, while it would be necessary as drinking water as well. With your help, we want to reduce the waste of water in these scenarios, with the help of technology.

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How can we sensitize people in Mannheim to the risks of extreme weather events and motivate them to

In recent decades, extreme weather events such as heat waves, cold waves, intense storms and droughts have become more frequent and more intense. Further unprecedented increases are expected, making the development of resilience an urgent need for all cities.

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