Mexico City - Climathon 2019


Together we can make Mexico City and the world a better place to live

If you are looking for innovative solutions to Mexico City climate change problems... Come join us and be part of the global movement!


Mexico City is a megalopolis where over 20 million people interact every day. As such it faces several climate-change related challenges.
A polluting and degrading environment and water scarcity and flooding have become a daily struggle for its inhabitants.
Come and work with us to solve them through innovation!

Meet the challenges!

This year we will focus on solving the problems of air quality and water management in Mexico City. In order to do so we believe that two main action drivers will be managing the biodiversity and green areas in the city and changing human behavior to promote sustainability. Help us!

How to improve air quality in Mexico City?

In Mexico City, environmental contingencies are becoming a new normality, affecting the health of the entire population without distinction. In a city with more than 20 million people, this represents a major public health issue. Help us solve it!

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How to manage water in a thirsty and flooded city at the same time?

Mexico City faces great water manageme challenges. On the one hand at CDMX we will soon run out of water... and yet many waste it without thinking about it. On the other hand every time it rains we run the risk of being flooded. What can we do in the face of this battle for and against water?

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Aidé Cabrera

Directora general Climathon CDMX 2019


Ana Isabel Andrade

Asesora de contenido, logística y relaciones externas

Arturo Mora-min.JPG

Arturo Mora

Director de contenido y relaciones institucionales

Alexa Islas-min.JPG

Alexa Islas

Asesora de logística y relaciones internas


Daniela Martínez

Directora de actividades recreativas


Flor Baños

Directora de comunicación y medios

Itzcoatl Núñez-min.JPG

Itzcoatl Núñez

Asesor de comunicación externa


Alexis Doli

Director de voluntarios

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