Munich - Climathon 2019



These four challenges, provided by our partners, are waiting to be solved by you! With the help of experts and coaches, you and your team will have 24 hours to work on solutions towards a greener city of Munich!

How can we make low-emission mobility feasible and more comfortable?

Let us state the fact that being mobile in cities is not always easy when it comes to climate protection. Which actions have to be taken to make this challenge easier to handle and consequently reduce the complexity in low-emission mobility?

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How can we reduce the need for motorized individual traffic in Munich?

To support climate protection and to improve the quality of life in cities, motorized individual traffic by cars and lorries has to be reduced. Cities have to improve the transport network for cyclists, pedestrians and public transport and have to reduce the need for motorized individual traffic.

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How can energy optimisation be achieved using new digital technologies and/or data analysis?

What would an energy management service look like that works across consumer communities by using modern digital technologies and/or data analysis? We are looking for business ideas that allow a group of households and/or companies to optimise their energy consumption.

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How can multinational corporates collectively contribute towards a climate-neutral Munich by 2050?

The “Klimapakt Münchner Wirtschaft” is a cooperation between Munich’s biggest companies, hosted by the municipality of Munich. The second edition of the “Klimapakt” aims to create more cooperation between the companies in order to collectively combat climate change.

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