Cannes: Proud to be programme pioneers

Cannes Profile

Cannes is an international city; we’re proud to host well-known global fairs and events. 

As a city on the world stage it made sense to us to join a European project that worked on climate.

This is how our commitment to Climathon came about, and we’ve now been involved since 2017. Along with the city of Paris, we were delighted to be pioneers of the programme in France!

Since 2017 six other French cities have now joined the movement. 

Every year has been very successful, both in terms of participation and the emergence of operational projects adapted to our city’s needs and challenges.

In 2017, Climathon brought together 35 participants who reflected on local actions that could be implemented to "circulate better by polluting less". 

This Climathon encouraged the creation of a local branch of the association Choisir le Vélo, which worked with municipal services on improving bicycle parking.

“Every year has been successful, both in terms of participation and the emergence of operational projects”

The 2018 Climathon brought together 37 participants who were challenged to come up with ideas that would "promote the circular economy and reduce waste" locally.

As a result, two projects were put in place: the creation of a collective composting site in Beauvallon Park and the organisation of a recuperated banquet in September 2019 to fight food waste. 

The collective composting project was so successful that we have to install more. Along with the winning team, we’ve identified several condominiums that are the main users and six or seven new composers will be introduced this year.

The 2019 Climathon took place in the CréACannes Lérins Business Hotel in the Tourrades area. This time, fifty citizens came together to ideate on local agriculture and food and "Les amis du potager", or “friends of the vegetable gardens”, was created.

The association will make planters from old pallets and find seeds, while the Town Hall will help provide soil. The idea is to green the city while gardeners, volunteers and consumers all work together to bring plant life into our city and fresh edible produce.

Previous to Climathon, while the city of Cannes had good relationships and healthy citizen engagement in culture and social outreach programmes, in the field of the environment the associations were limited to being professional, with limited citizen engagement and very few volunteers.

Now, thanks to the Climathon, it is the citizens who -- in partnership with the Town Hall -- are committed to implementing the ideas that they themselves propose.

Climathon is a new way to mobilize citizens and encourage active and participative involvement in the implementation of environmental policies. 

The city is very committed to the environment and hopes to continue to be so and continue supporting Climathon, including exploring digital opportunities this year.

Another positive result of our commitment to Climathon is the collective intelligence we’ve discovered, developed and applied within the framework of Climathon also serves us in the management of city projects in general.

The people have become a real force for proposals and action on ideas, and this is very precious to us.

Thanks to our global partners