How can Hyderabad become more resilient?

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How can a city like Hyderabad become more resilient to climate change?

Like many cities all over the world, Hyderabad in India has to be prepared for the consequences of climate change.

The capital of Telangana is already experiencing a number of climate-related impacts.

There are abnormalities in the pre-monsoon season, including extremely high recorded temperatures for prolonged periods without any break. The summer season is coming earlier, bringing with it increasing humidity levels. The city is also experiencing dust storms, unseasonal heavy rains and hailstorms, heatwaves and a longer warm season. 

Hyderabad has inadequate and old infrastructure, erratic water and power supply, dead and degraded water bodies, high vehicular traffic and increasing land and air pollution. But organisers believed it didn't have to be this way and, together, the city and citizens could act to make a difference.

This was the challenge presented to the participants of the Hyderabad Climathon.

During the Climathon, organisers invited participants to ideate on ways the city can adapt to climate change, for example:

  • How to improve preparedness for climate change impacts: practices and behaviours
  • Role of Government and how to increase public-private partnerships for climate resilience
  • Green infrastructure and financing
  • Strategies that need to be considered while developing city resilience strategies
“There are abnormalities in the pre-monsoon season, including extremely high recorded temperatures”

Ideas could be based around:

  • Information and capacity-building
  • Preparation of climate resilience plans based on present and future city vulnerabilities
  • Utilising data to identify the typical climate stressors
  • Proper housing and urban planning
  • Improved urban infrastructure and services


Together with participants, the aim of this Climathon was to ideate around a Hyderabad that was truly climate resilient, and imagine a more future-proof city for the people.

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