Edible Roofs: The future of urban gardening

Edible Roofs Climate Idea Unsplash
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Climathon 2019 in Zürich asked participants to focus on the combination of urban spaces and urban farming activities in a community-run system.

Edible Roofs was the winner, and a finalist in the Global Climathon Awards!

Zürich's roofs add up to an area of five square kilometres - of which only one third is currently planted, so there is a large area that is so far unused. Meanwhile people in Zürich looking to start urban gardening have a waiting time of about two years, and not everyone has a balcony or enough space to grow food at home.

The team proposes to identify roofs of public buildings in Zürich that are suitable for urban farming, but not yet used or used efficiently, and to match them up with interested urban gardeners and rent them out.

The platform further aims to provide potential gardeners the necessary set-up to start gardening right away by partnering up with relevant companies like Veg and the City, so gardeners are provided with basic infrastructure and know-how.  

Why is this project relevant?

With increasing density in the city, green spaces will become increasingly rare. Making use of unused rooftops is a great way to start a journey towards a more self-sufficient city that can partially grow its own food.

At the same time this idea fosters biodiversity, sets-off CO2 and connects communities.

People will develop a new connection to their food with raised awareness as to the effort that goes into growing it.

Through the platform, people can easily locate the nearest rooftop garden where they can start gardening and growing their veggies.

Furthermore, workshops and events will make entering into gardening easier.

Once the basic idea has been put into place, the team want to take the project further by selling part of the yield to local restaurants and stores and redefining the idea of local.  


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