ESU: Education is the key to a sustainable future

ESU (2)

European Students’ Union (ESU) is the umbrella organisation of 46 National Unions of Students in 40 European countries.

Our members are student-led democratic umbrella organisations representing the student councils of universities and other tertiary education institutions in their countries.

We represent almost 20 million students. We advocate for students’ rights towards international institutions and take part in projects with other European stakeholders on for example quality assurance of education and widening access to international mobility.

We also host capacity building events and serve as a platform for our members to exchange good practices. We work for high quality education for all and an education system that serves the interests of all of society.

We believe that education is the key to a sustainable future and that sustainability must be mainstreamed into all types of education across all disciplines.

If we are not educated to take responsibility for the climate, the well-being of our fellow citizens, and our democracy, we are not well educated.

Therefore, we also engage in projects where students are given the opportunity to work on the major global challenges – putting our skills into practice while strengthening our learning through meaningful interaction with the rest of society. 

We have chosen to partner with EIT-Climate KIC’s Climathon programme because it’s a great example of how to do this in practice.

Thanks to our global partners