Our Partner: WWF & One Planet City Challenge


Today more than half the world’s population live in cities whose residents are responsible for over 70% of global CO2 emissions.

Current projections suggest that by mid-century close to 70% of humanity will be urban dwellers. 

Meeting the needs of this steadily growing urban population, while simultaneously ensuring a climate-safe future for their citizens, is a challenge local governments around the globe take very seriously.

The OPCC is the largest and longest running competition of its kind and has seen participation from over 500 cities from six continents since its inception in 2011.

Through the OPCC, cities’ reported climate data is subject to a thorough evaluation against the backdrop of the Paris Agreement’s 1.50 C goal. To strengthen alignment with this target, cities are offered guidance on how to cut emissions through high-impact actions, as well as how to ensure local resilience in a changing climate.

A high-level jury is tasked with selecting national and global winners who are deserving of being recognized and rewarded for their efforts. Paris, Vancouver, Seoul, Cape Town and Uppsala are all proud OPCC global winners.

WWF has chosen to collaborate with EIT Climate-KIC as a means of supporting OPCC cities eager to scale and accelerate meaningful climate action. 

Climathons will be designed to explore solutions that address specific areas in need of improvement as identified through the OPCC evaluation process.  

Thanks to our global partners