'Library of Things' makes waves in Lund

Lund Climateidea Unsplash
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The 2018 Climathon challenge in Lund, Sweden, was to identify innovative solutions that limit the impact of plastic on our environment and health.

The winner was Circle Centre!

Named in honour of the inclusive nature of the community they strive to create, and in reference to the circulation of goods, Circle Centre’s aim is to leverage social change towards a more sustainable Lund. 

Circle Centre’s starting point for social change is a Library of Things: a place where members can ‘check-out’ items for use rather than individually purchase their own. 

Next to serving as a physical space for borrowing items, Circle Centre also serves as a hub for sharing knowledge and skills in order to create a culture of sustainable living. 

Their vision is a future where every local community has a shared space for borrowing goods. Ultimately, this will decrease individual consumption and incentivize companies to produce more durable and sustainable products. By starting a library of goods with items that aren't needed every day, the project can start changing the idea of ownership. 

Circle Centre was founded to address the problem of over-consumption, which leads to degradation of environmental resources, poor working conditions, and excess waste.

The aim is to promote more cultural consumption, rather than the material consumption of goods. 

As a part of this movement, Circle Centre also hosts open educational events and hands-on workshops focused on sustainable living and reuse. 

Additionally, by offering a common workspace, the team aim to foster a tight-knit community of Lund where people can share not just goods, but ideas and skills as well. 

Since winning the Lund Climathon, Circle Centre have received funding support from Stenkrossen (the Culture and Leisure Department of Lund municipality) with support from Lund University.

The team have opened their own community space, have an online inventory and are taking memberships to borrow items. You can visit their website and stay up to date with their project here.


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