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Let's transform Vipava valley into regenerative oasis

Aim of Climathon Primorska is to solve the problem of low capacity for self-organisation amongst different stakeholders responsible for important decisions regarding to agricultural climate change adaptation & proposition of regenerative landscape design to tackle climate change in Vipava Valley

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The latest climate change projections for the 21st century for the sub-Mediterranean Vipava Valley, Slovenia, indicate high exposure to climate change and further degradation of existing agricultural conditions. It's very important that we act quick. We already have all the resources, but yet we don't know how to connect and use them. We'll try to work with circular, regenerative approaches in order to solve the problem. A well-designed regenerative landscape can:

  • Effective erosion control.
  • Reduced water consumption.
  • Reduced maintenance costs.
  • Reduced capital construction costs.
  • Elimination of chemical use.
  • Reduced visual impact of development.
  • Better soil conditions due to the use of native plants.

So join our Climathon and turn this vision into a reality by working together with developers, entrepreneurs, or students to find innovative solution and win support. Come with existing idea or simply work on a new solution with and inspiring team. Experts and mentors will support you.


These exciting challenges are waiting to be solved by you.

How to boost the capacity for self-organisation amongst different stakeholders in Vipava valley

How to boost the capacity for self-organisation amongst different stakeholders in Vipava Valley in order to tackle climate change together and make Vipava Valley a regenerative oasis.

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